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on 13 March 2022 about Lyft in category Public Transport

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My complaint:

Lyft should not give estimates for rides if the drivers can not make the times. I made teh appointment at 9:50 p.m.. I was not in a hurry so I figured let the drivers take care of business no rush. I was given a pickup range of 10:09-10:35 p.m.. I waited outside in the cold till 10:40p.m.. My phone died 3 minutes after I made the appointment so I had no way of finding another ride. My walk home is not far. Only 2 miles. But that 2 miles is not a safe 2 miles. Not only was it so cold my legs were numb (thank goodness I wore a jacket), but I was at a bar. I do not go to bars armed due to the fact that I had planned to drink. Thank goodness I only had the one because I had to have all my senses to get home. So let me tell you about this walk. On this route there are many bridges and canals to walk over, it is along a main highway for half. So not too bad just have to watch my back the whole time. The second half of the walk is along a busy road that is unlit, people fly down it with their brights on so any walkers are blinded. It crosses over a large dark canal, and is completely desolate with desert. To top it off there is a hard curve on this road that people don’t always slow down going around. Can be easy to hit someone. Especially someone dressed for a bar and not wearing reflective clothing. Soon as I got home 11:25 p.m., I charged my phone to check the lyft app. Turns out there is no way to know if anyone ever showed up to pick me up or not. No messages, No show of payment or refund. I do have 2 charges for lyft. Iknow for a fact the 10.96 was from my ride to BWW. But I dont know what this pending $7.99 is for. If it is for the ride that never showed up I would like that back. I don’t care if they showed up at 10:41. I was expecting a ride by 10:35. This could have turned out so much different. Thank goodness it didn’t and I am home safe.

Please fix it.

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Suggested solution:

If you do not know the estimated arrival time frames do not give them. It is wrong to make someone wait for something that isn't going to happen. Especially, if they have no safety net. Example: Phone dies; no other options except dangerous ones.

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