Lowes complaint: Failure to find someone to fix my dishwasher with a 3 year service contract

on 28 June 2022 about Lowes in category Household Goods, Interior shops

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My complaint:

In Middle May 2022, my dishwasher stopped working. Contacted my home warranty service who would not authorize fixing it and recommended replacement. Realized it was under a 3 year warranty called Lowes and set up appointment for service. One week or two later no service call yet. Called Lowes again and they said they couldn’t find a contractor and sent me info to try myself. No one in the Nashville area will service a Midea dishwasher. I called Lowes back and they offered reimbursement. I have since called back numerous times and the $592 in email gift card never seems to materialize. i am so done with Lowes, they refuse to give corporate information, their customer service and supervisors refuse to help other than to escalate it. i would like to get my new dishwasher. The contract was purchased from Lowes and they are not honoring it

Suggested solution:

Send the $592 they keep promising to send to my email so i can get the dishwasher they keep saying they will replace.

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