Loblaws complaint: PC Points and Price Shaving

on 14 June 2022 about Loblaws in category Supermarkets / Grocery Stores

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My complaint:

PC Optimum points are usually a good idea but sometimes it is a scam. Today I was going to but a package of Oliveri pasta and saw that I would receive 2000 bonus points for every $10 spent on pasta. Surprise Surprise the cost of the pasta was $9.99 so no points for me. Apparently I have to buy an additional sauce pack ( 6.99) to get my reward Unfortunately I don’t like your sauce and find my own homemade sauce is much better.

So that ONE CENT which does not even register as a coin costs me $2 in point so now that same pasta actually costs $11.99 when adding in the points. and the 9.99 will be auto rounded to a flat $10 Coincidence or SCAM as a deliberate pricing policy

The whole concept of x.99 pricing is also a clear advertising gimmick to make the consumer feel it is cheaper which is artificial as it will be rounded up

I did not buy it bout pack and only bough items in Loblaws that I can’t get elsewhere – mainly baking amd meat.

Suggested solution:

Allow points on rounded up price not the post ed cost

Apologize for your obvious game playing.

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