Complaint: Rude manager

on 17 May 2022 about Lidl in category Supermarkets / Grocery Stores

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My complaint:

Today May 17 around 1 pm I have bought some item from lidl branch in 47100 Community Plaza 20164 sterling, one of my item was mini Bike kit that I take it from Clearance area and it has a label that showed regular price $5.99 and after %33 discount $4.19 after I looked to my receipt find out price $7.99 and $2.40 discount, I told to cashier please look at the price on the label it is 5.99 not 7.99 she said I am sorry and called store manager to fix the price manager came and very rude told me I have to check the price and I waited for almost 10 minutes then he came back and open a Cheshire register and very rude call me come on here I told him you don’t trust with your price on the label he told I have to double check with corporation and without any excuse or sorry told $1.48 back to your cart ,when I said I waited for almost 10 minutes for you unfortunately he cut my word and very very rude said this is our policy and you have to wait ,when I wanted report the matter to store manager I find out this very young man is store. Manager.
I believe lidl corporation need train their staff how communicate with costumers before they start their job’s.

Suggested solution:

after your manager find out I was right ,he can only say I am sorry instead be very very rude with customers.

Rude manager
Rude manager
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