Complaint: Rude disrespectful workers

on 30 November 2020 about Lidl in category Supermarkets / Grocery Stores

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thought I would give it one more try. Well. bought a few things, got on line and this lady Angela rang me up (miserable person). She left all the stuff down at the end, and being I had a stroke and can’t really use my left side, I asked her if she could help me bag the stuff, at the same time a woman with 3 things got on line, she said in a nasty voice, I’m busy, I said, no rush I’ll wait. she just kept standing there when the lady left, no one else on line. Finally I said, may I see a manager, with that she started to bag, and said to me. I remember when you came last week, you made me bag all your stuff. then she went on to say, you buy heavy stuff and I was watching you go to your car and you picked up all the bags. nasty tone. I said, oh then you saw me drop two of them. I can only use my right hand, nothing on my left side is functioning. By that time the so called manager Lance came, I told him what happened, how nasty and rude she was and what she said, as I was talking to Lance, she kept talking saying, you are not the only one in the world who has issues. nasty again. so do I.. So I said, then maybe you shouldn’t be working here or with the public with that attitude. I looked at Lance waiting for him to say something to her, he did not, all he said was, Sorry and walked away. I will never go to that store again, it’s a schlock dump anyway. Imagine how she treats the handicapped? I find the people here very nasty.. you can say Good Morning as I do all the time, and you get dirty looks. and they have the nerve to say something about Booklyn people??? Being born and raised there give me Brooklyn People anytime . Unless you know people out here, friends, everyone else is nasty. grr. Well as I was leaving I said, Merry Christmas to you too. Imagine? below are the things I bought, and computer paper which I had in my right hand. Here are the other items I bought besides the paper.. How heavy could it be? some people should not work with the public. Imagine if I was not nice when asking for help.yikes.

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I think they need class on how to deal with the public, they need to be punished at how they delt with a handicapped senior. I was extremly upset and crying when I got home. no one ever talked to me like that. some upbringing. My family and I spent a lot of money in your store and would have continued to do so.. Now we won't be shopping there. I expect a writen apology from them, especially Angela, as I know you most likely won't do anything about it. Hopefull I won't have to report to BBB. I am nice to everyone and aked for help nicely.

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