Complaint: i got barred from the shop for having my mask below my nose i just had open heart surgery

on 19 January 2021 about Lidl in category Supermarkets / Grocery Stores

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My complaint:

as i was paying for my shopping a lidl employee told me to put my mask over my nose, i just kept on pricing and payed for my shopping when i walked past this employee. i still had my mask under my nose. he said next time you come in the shop you better have the mask over your nose, i told him, he was lucky i wear the mask in the first place, he said you come back with your mask under your nose you will be barred, i told him, its all a hoaks i dont believe in this virus, he said right your barred dont come back. wow i see this man every day at the check out allways say thank you to him when am leaving. i have just had open heart surgery i had 2 heart valves replaced and i have a very inlarged heart, i struggle to breath when i put a mask on. i can get enough oxygen in me that why i wear in under my nose. i also have a serious galstone infection i have a galstone stuck in my bile ducked was in hospital for a week the could not get it out i have a steth put it to help my bile pass, i suffer with p.t.s.d, and have cancer in my stomach. this man has barred me the next nearest lidl is to far for me to walk am on 10 different meds painkillers sleeping tablets what has got in to the world when am being pulled up in front of other customers and treated like i done something wrong by wearing my mask under my nose. i am 52 years old and i dont deserve embraced in front of other customer .

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Suggested solution:

i would like you to speak to the man explain that i have a serious heart condition , ptsd, and cancer. these are the reasons i have to keep my mask under my nose, i would pass out if i put it over my nose, i just want you to lift this ban and let me shop in peace, this lock down is bad enough i live alone and the only human contact i get is when i go shopping. i am a man of god and i did not deserve to be barred

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