Lenovo complaint: Horrible Support: 41 New Laptops Inoperable

on 12 May 2022 about Lenovo in category Consumer Electronics

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My complaint:

I am a High School Technology Director. We purchased 41 Lenono Thinbkpad 15E laptops last June, 2021. Immediately, we noticed that all were running at 95-100% CPUDisc making them extremely sluggish andor inoperable. We contacted support who sent a tech out and he replaced the (SSD) hard drive on one device. All was good. We notified support, expecting the same response to all of our devices. Instead, they insisted on conducting remote tests and reimaging which resulted in nothing. In January, we sent in a device for evaluation. Since then, unless we urge them for an update, we hear nothing….and if we do, it …we’ve escalated this up to our L4 team for further investigation In the meantime, we have 30 teachers that can not perform their jobs due to ther new inoperable devices. We paid for Premier Support and have received nothing.

Suggested solution:

Replace devices or send a tech out to repair the devices

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Ronald Klug
Ronald Klug (@guest_5513)
1 year ago

This is exactly what is happening to me! I fortunately only have one machine in their incapable hands. Talked to Tech support and they told me to take the SSD and Memory out if they were mine and they would check the laptop with the vast hard drives and memory sticks they have sitting around!!!! I sent my machine in for the same reason that you did. Would not start no matter what. Lenovo even sent me a new charger to see if that was the problem. Nope. I was on the phone for an hour at a time with… Read more »

Last edited 1 year ago by Ronald Klug