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on 19 July 2020 about Kroger in category Supermarkets / Grocery Stores

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Statement: Food Source grocery store
07042020 Theft of customer belongings and violent attack
Posted: 07112020

I am a single, 45 year old disabled woman and have been for 12 years. I an ADA Certified handicapped. I attempt to live my life independently, with the help of my mobility aids. My main mobility aid, next to my permanent leg brace, is my electric wheelchair. I don’t drive a car because of my severe handicap, so my wheelchair IS my main transportation. Without it, I can do very little, outside of the house. I can’t even get to the bus stop without it.
On Saturday, July 4th, 2020 at 8:30 pm (PST), 3 of your employees maliciously rammed a large shopping cart into me and my wheelchair, as I was leaving the store. They did not even attempt to verbally ask me to stop, they just blindsided me, with this unjustified violent attack. After forcing me to stop with the repercussions of the attack, the sore employees proceeded to tell and scream at me, slandering me, and coming inside my personal space. Dee, the main aggressor, violently, swatted at my belongings and reaching over my shoulder to rip the keys out of the ignition, on my wheelchair, hitting me along the way. He threw my keys across the parking lot and told me that he was NOT returning my wheelchair and for me to get out of there immediately, witgout my wheelchair. I urinated all over myself because I was so afraid of what else they were going to do to me and from the onset of pain from the injuries they had already done. I was crying and pleasing with them that I am disabled and to return my keys please. I was in complete shock. I hobbled across the parking lot and accross the street where I waited for the police to show up along with an ambulance. I was in desperate need of medical attention, however they never came. Those men didn’t even call the authorities or medical attention for me. I could not call myself because my phone was yet another item of mine that Dee swatted away from me and illegally stole from me. He had made sexual advances to me before, in the store, when we were casually talking, but I denied him and turned him down again and I told him that I had a boyfriend and to please stop asking me he was making me uncomfortable and I just wanted to be friends with him. That was last month, while on my weekly shopping trip.
I’ve lived in this area since 1989 and food source was one of my favorite stores to shop for groceries at. I am saddened for that loss and for the friendships I have made, that I will no longer have, because of the quick, poor judgement of these three store employees. I’ve been a good customer for years. Shame on them for this hate crime!
After finally asking a stranger for a ride home, soaked with urine, embarrassed, and stripped of dignity, I was exhausted and could barely move around my house . I have missed numerous days at work with no transportation or mobility aide. I called Chris , a store manager, the next morning, he said he would check into itand call me back, which he never did. Numerous attempts to retrieve my belongings, to no avail. I am apauled at the behavior of these Raleys employees. I need compensation and the return of my belongings immediately. Thank you in advance for your cooperation with this matter before my lawyer and friends in local media get involved. This was a sad display of violence,sexual harassment, and discrimination against a disabled member of our community. They had no right whatsoever to steal my medically necessary mobility aids and all of my belongings, just because they assumed that I wasn’t a law biding citizen. Thank you for your time. Sincerely, Emily D. Kangas 07122020

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I need compensation for damages and missed work. I need, above all, my electric wheelchair returned to me, or the exact same make and model. A new one. They keep avoiding me. I also need my other items, that were on my wheelchair, returned or replaced.

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