Kia Motors complaint: Almost new (5,000) miles and will not run.

on 21 September 2022 about Kia Motors in category Automotive

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My complaint:

seven days ago I bought my Kia Stinger Scorpion from Nelson Kia in Basset Va. It had 5,000 miles on it ,I drove it about 140 miles between that Thursday and Friday morning. I went to start it the next day and the engine would not turn over.Nelson Kia sent a man over that day and he got it to run, he then shut it off and tried to restart it. Nothing, we could not even get it out of gear for Nelson’s tow truck.It has been at Nelson’s dealership since Monday morning of this week, the battery needed to be replaced but they still can not get the car to crank. They are waiting on Kia’s response to help them with this issue but it still has not been fixed. I know that they are trying but this does me little good,in other words I spent a lot of money on a almost new car and it does not run. I am deeply disappointed with my first experience with the Kia brand.

Suggested solution:

Please hurry and get it fixed.

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