KFC complaint: messed up my order, would not answer the 904-757-4454 , pick up the phone and hung up 7 times

on 18 July 2022 about KFC in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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My complaint:

My order was not correct , so I tried calling the listed on the receipt 904-757-4454, it rang until someone picked up and hung up, I called 7 times with the same Also my receipt does not have the address on it, however , its 1146 Dunn Ave, jax, fla. 32218, ticket 1647, restaurant L518060, cashier Mark, the survey is not readable ( the entire receipt is not legible survery looks like L51806—071722164, the — are missing,

Suggested solution:

refund, dont know who to add a photo, give me a phone and I can send a picture of my receipt. I think they are stealing the money my receipt has no price, time , etc.

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