Complaint: I am absolutely appalled at the employees’ actions and treatment of customers

on 19 July 2022 about KFC in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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My complaint:

First, I need to apologize because this may get a little lengthy, and I just want to completely explain in detail the ordeal I went through yesterday, as well as countless other customers. To begin with, my online order was 6151016 and the store address is 2205 Old Fort Pkwy, Murfreesboro, TN 37129. I placed the order a few mins after 6 pm, as I was sitting across the street at Baskin Robbins. When I arrived, the line at the drive thru was literally wrapped around the building, making me the last person in line, and my back bumper was just a few inches away from being out in the road, making me susceptible to being hit by another car. I waited in line 10 mins- the line never moved. I decided to park and try to walk in the lobby, only to find both doors locked, the chairs inside on top of tables, as if closed. I never saw 1 employee at this time. There was NO note on the door to customers. Another woman with a toddler tried to do the same thing and I told her they were closed as she walked up. She said You’re kidding! Every time I try to come to this KFC, something is always wrong, and I said Well, now I remember why I stopped coming here because I haven’t been here in a long time because they can’t seem to keep employees. So we both get back in line. Approximately 15-20 mins later, I finally get a message that my online order had been ed and pick up time was 648 pm. Mind you, I had been there since 625 pm. I finally got to the speaker and had to say Hello? 3 times before a boy said I’m sorry we are closed. I was VERY UPSET by this time, and I said Oh no, you’re not closed because I placed an order online that was almost $50 and I want my order. He said Pull forward. At this time, the lady with the toddler was behind me. She too, said Hello? 2-3 times, and the same boy came over the speaker and told her they were closed. She understandably was upset, I heard her yell You have to be kidding me! I’ve been sitting here in line forever, and now you’re telling me you are closed when you’ve got people still waiting in line. There 5 or 6 cars behind me!. She pulled off, and I heard every customer behind her very upset, saying the same thing. I finally get pulled up, there were 2 asian ladies and 1 younger african american teenager inside. They had almost completely cleaned up all the food, etc and were about to leave!! I kept sitting there and 1 of the ladies finally came over and said We’re closed, and I said No ma’am, I placed an order online nearly 1 hour ago, I’ve been in line 45 mins and I want my order! She didn’t want to, and it took about 10 more mins to put the order together. It was after 7 pm at this point, and I live less than 4 miles from this store. I did not get home until 745 pm, and not only that but I watched the employee pull out old food from the day and put it in a bag. Then to beat it all, there were mashed potato flakes all in my mashed potato bowl because they had not been mixed properly. I feel our nearly $50 was worth more than left over food from the day that had already been put up and was basically cold. As I mentioned earlier, this ordeal occurred yesterday, July 18, 2022 at KFC 2205 Old Fort Pkwy, Murfreesboro, TN 37129 at 628 pm. Order 6151016. Total was $44.21 for 12 pc tenders meal with 2 mashed potatoes, 1 mac and cheese, lemonade bucket $33.99 and 1 famous bowl fill up for $6.29.

Suggested solution:

At this point, with inflation and how much groceries and gas have become, we are trying our best to keep our heads above water and every little dime we get has to be spent cautiously. We are a 1 income family with 2 kids and I am medically retired. This order was almost $50 and we could've gone to a lot of other restaurants and eaten for less than that. That's what infuriates me so much about this, and I wouldn't be surprised if there are more complaints about this. My husband was livid and wanted his money back because after working all day in the heat, he just wanted something to eat and he had to wait on me to get home for nearly an hour. I just feel that we are owed some type of reimbursement that is equivalent to the price of our order. Thank you.

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