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on 12 October 2020 about InTown Suites in category Hotels / Motels

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My complaint:

Several weeks back I had put in a request for my drain to be cleaned in the shower (when I moved in) and for the toilet to be fixed to the floor (it is missing a bolt and leans to the side). A couple of weeks ago I went and reminded the general manager of my complaint and inquired about rooms being upgraded. She showed me photos and gave me a room number of a queen deluxe like mine that would be ready in a week or two. She stated at the time it would be $60 extra a month (although cost isn’t an issue). She said she was making a note in my file that I wanted the room and would let me know when I could move. Friday of last week I called and she told me that corporate rented the rooms first and she wouldn’t know what was available until Monday (today). She then said they were an extra $60 a week. I said nothing about the original price she quoted originally just told her I was aware of the increase and didn’t understand why the change in information. She became defensive so i then simply reminded her of the repairs I had been waiting on and she stated we would talk about that on Monday as well. I informed her i was unable to shower and she still wouldn’t talk about it. I called back today and she had a woman answer that she is training. That woman basically made it clear (not intentionally) that the woman had been dishonest. The information they were giving didn’t match and this lady being trained seemed as if she had the more honest answer. The general manager then got on the phone and now said she still didn’t have info on the upgraded room and wouldn’t until tomorrow. I asked for clarity and again reminded her of the repairs. She began shouting at me and told me I couldn’t talk to her like that and then just kept shouting and wouldn’t allow me to speak. She then hung up on me and now won’t talk to me. This is not the first time she has treated me this way but this is far worse than the first time. I didn’t do anything wrong but question her on inconsistency in her answers and ask her why she is not having my issues taken care of. I am a victim of domestic abuse and also have ptsd. I am an emotional wreck now and can’t even drive home. I’m afraid she will kick me out and I have no where to go. Why is this lady allowed to treat people this way. She already denied me my service animal by asking questions I wouldn’t answer like what condition do I have that I need my animal and what does it to for me. That is illegal!!!!!!!!

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This woman needs to be dealt with. This is an awful experience for someone like me. I have no safe place now. This is my home and I’m scared. I can’t even shower and haven’t been able to in weeks. I have to take baths in the sink or at a truck stop. I need someone to please help me

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