Complaint: My shopper was incompetent

on 28 February 2021 about Instacart in category Supermarkets / Grocery Stores

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My complaint:

I placed my order at 10:10 am for a noon delivery. At 10:16 My shopper Benjamin R took my order, according to the text, and he sent me pics of the red roses I paid for. I asked for a different boquet of red roses because petals were wilted. He sent a picture of another boquet of red roses, I approved. Then, I received a message that the shopper ‘completed the order. About a 12 hour later I received a message that the shopper could not complet the order, and a new shopper would be assigned. I waited, and Janie contacted me that she was the new shopper. She said the previous shopper Benjamin R had picked out pink, not red roses. I corrected her and told her they were supposed to be red, not pink. She said there weren’t any red roses without baby breaths, which I didn’t want. She told me they have 12 red roses without baby breath with them and they were cheaper than the ones I paid for. I asked her to send me a picture so I can select them. I never heard back from her, and received a message that she checked out and my order was being delivered. I text her, and she was on her way delivering. I asked her if she picked out and is delivering the 12 red roses or 6 red roses, and if so, my cart want not updated. She said Insta cart would update it. My cart was not updated when I checked. This is crazy. People shopping need to realize they have to ‘answer the questions asked’ and not to complet the order until the buyer approves what is selected. I don’t know what’s going on, but Benjamin should not have just left my order, and Janie should have answered my questions. The order is being deliered for a Birthday day gift, and I can only assume the order is correct.

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I feel very strongly I should get a 50% refund. I paid $15.69 for 6 red roses, and the chaged me that amount when it was $14.99, says the 2nd shopper Janie. She said Insta Cart would make the change on my bill. My discover card was charged incorrectly. Also, these shoppers need to be careful and accurate when shopping for buyers. I used insta cart before and each shopper was on top of things and amazing. One shoppper send an approval' for a price change that reflected my bill. This 2nd shopper did not.

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