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on 30 October 2020 about Instacart in category Supermarkets / Grocery Stores

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I live in Ontario and I want to get groceries delivered for my daughter in Halifax. She is currently in quarantine. This order was put in on a Sunday night and she was flying beck to Halifax on the Monday.
I shopped at the Atlantic superstore for an hour $250 order. I put in my own personal email, my daughters address, my daughters cell phone and used my credit card. The order went in and within a few minutes was cancelled by instacart. ???
I thought that was weird because my credit card is working just fine. I decide to use my other (cogeco) email and go to insta cart once again. This time, accidentally, I signed up to be an instacart shopper BUT it does have a section to do your own personal shopping so an hour later another $250 order was placed with a different working credit card. My email, my name, my cell number my daughters address. Order was placed and yet again instacart has cancelled the order. ???
I email customer service and in the age of identity theft they want me to send in a picture of my drivers licence A credit card. At this point I’m completely confused. I’ve set up two accounts with 2 working credit cards. At about 2 12 hours into this process. Main goal…get groceries delivered to my daughter.
Next day Monday, my daughter flies to Halifax. I call instacart and speak to an agent that I can barely hear due to the noise in the background. She tells me that yes my first order has been flagged and that I actually do have to send in a picture of my drivers licence (that will be my Ontario address) my credit card. She apparently cancelled my account to be a shopper for instacart but did say that I could shop with this account if I had too. Then the telephone line was disconnected from her not me.
Recap…I’ve made 2 accounts with instacart both with working credit cards but I’m unable to place an order.
Meanwhile I’ve been emailing with Dale Quinn just trying to buy some groceries for my daughter.
Since I was told that my one account was cancelled I took that email again and decided to try from scratch one more time. Did the 40 minute shop then went to put in my credit card. At this point it won’t accept my Visa. It won’t accept my master card so I put in my husbands visa. It was charged the monthly fee and then ly cancelled my grocery order. ????
I decide to call instacart again. Get a lovely woman named Susan whom is baffled at all this. She requests for a manager to call me. That was days ago.
I finally give in and against all my better identity theft judgement I send in the picture of my drivers licence my credit card.
Their reply was…we want you to send in a picture of the other two credit cards that we have on file????
I have a total of 26 emails with Instacard employees dale Quinn. I have spoken to 2 people on the phone and have requested to speak to a manager days ago to no avail.

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Suggested solution:

I do not want 3 instacart accounts I only want 1 working instacart account!!!!
I sent you a picture of my licence my credit card so you need to activate that account and eliminate the other 2 accounts!!!

Please help. Now I’m using

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