H-E-B complaint: Cashier Rude

on 18 August 2022 about H-E-B in category Supermarkets / Grocery Stores

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My complaint:

Just before checking out, I handed the cashier Victoria in lane 13 my coupon for two Kraft shred Mild Cheese for $5.00 and I accidently tore my coupon. The cashier said she would tape it and when it came time to scan the coupon at the end of my $181.79 purchase worth of groceries, Victoria said she couldn’t use the coupon very rudly said because it wouldn’t scan. Victoria kept insisting she couldn’t use the coupon. I asked her if she could key the code at the botton of the coupon, no. Then I asked if the girl that was packing my groceries, if she could get another coupon for me, well let me just say I was not very happy with your customer service from either one. The packer did get another coupon, I said thank you so much, no response. On the last note, They need to learn to pack groceries. Everything was just threw in bags and my bread made into pancakes. I don’t know how your customer service reps. were trained, but I am a Senior Citizen and didn’t need to be treated rudely. How would you want your mother or grandmother treated?

Suggested solution:

Your the manager, it\'s not my job to tell you how your CSR should treat your customers.

Cashier Rude
Cashier Rude
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