Complaint: Your green dot and go 2 bank Customer service and automotive service is a joe wow what a bank

on 01 February 2021 about Green Dot Bank in category Banks

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well tried to set up my GO@BANK card who banks throw you and I get to the end and it tells me to cut the card in half and destroy it wow really hadn’t even activated it yet . Then I whip out my green dot ban card I have since sister of yours and still got no where and by the end it told they locked up my green dot bankcard now wow what kind of real bank does that and after 2 hours of trying all the number’s I can find to get a person they just keep telling me that I should gather up all my information up and then call back and hung up on me after 15 times it hanging up on me as well as not making since I have wasted 2 and half hours and still have not accomplished anything at all except more bullshit problems. WOW WOW really well if you guy’s actually had a real customer service department like a real bank has then I would not be this pissed off or irritated and so unsure about ether bank account now then your web sites say press 0 to get a live representative fast over your machine service and I try to do that got hung up on then another web site say’s to press 5 for quick live support I tried that it hung up on me again and again and again are you getting the drift here or maybe the problems. or should I spell the problem out for you your service sucks bad and any try person would have said forget this faulty ass bank here now can you help me active this GO@BANK card or not and can you unlock my green dot ban card to please and have some one human get back to me please and thank you Jessie Herring cell phone number is 816-345-5212 or my home phone number is 816-297-8826 if you receive answering machine you may leave a message for me please if do leave a direct phone number to a live customer service rep. HUMAN thanks again for all the problems and Hassel and true BS that come with my new bank card and lock up previses one now two So glad to be one of your customer’s here now wow never had such a bullshit experience. Glad when I receive my 10 million inheritance I sure the F will not be making you guys my bank for sure real talk Not sure if you can really fix the problem that’s how much time effort as well as non sense my experience with you has been!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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probably can't now and I am glad that I found this out before I receive my 10 million inheritance cause I would or well never use neither one of your banks for that promise you that .

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