Complaint: Greendot decided not to give my money back

on 17 April 2021 about Green Dot Bank in category Banks

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My complaint:

Yes awhile back greendot closed my account down for suspicious activities with a Lil over 400 left on it. Well at first I would try to call them I could never get an answer so I tried the chat on the website and still nothing, and I did for several days until finally my wife who has an account with them called using her card number and they answer within a minute. So I grab the phone and speak with the person and I get them to pull up my account and find out out what’s going on. They put me on hold for 45 minutes give or take I remember I remembered it was awhile and then they hang up on me. Well I tried a few times more and would be unsuccessful in getting them to release my funds. Well today I call and they tell me it’s flagged for suspicious activity and my account is closed and I can no longer do business with them, which I’m perfectly fine with now by the way I’ll be glad to never have to deal with them again. Then I asked about remaining funds and she said they decided they wasn’t going to allow me to withdraw my money, so I told her that I think there’s been a mistake and that they can’t deny me my funds and just keep it because that’s theft. So she puts on phone with supervisor and tells me the same thing and pits me on hold for a few minutes and then it just hangs. I mean they claim it

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To release my money to me because that money was sent to me to help out with everything while we were dealing with corona and then they just take it and won't even tell you the suspicious activity that happened that is if you can get them on the phone. Please help

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