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This started with me ordering a Rush prepaid card this year I was submitting my self prepared 2019 Tax refund. At that time I had a bank account with bank of the west and due to the corona virus and being unemployed I was well in debt so I went l to apply for a prepaid card I remember Rush prepaid as a good card that arrives fast so I went online found a site and applied for a Rush card where at the end I was presented with a direct deposit form that I received via email shortly after that I completed my return using the routing and account number sent by email from Rush card well weeks went by I never received a card so I waited when checking my return and seeing the deposit was days away I then started to contact Rush card I also went to turbo tax and tried to update my information but with 2 days away I was too late so after the deposit I called Rush card went online complained about me not receiving my card i was told Rush card had been sold to green dot I talked to supervisors wrote Russel Simmons about the complaint received no response but only to be told that their system cannot locate my account I finally thought I had a break when contacting meta bank and inputting the routing and account number I was provided with by Rush Metabank informed me of my tax refund depositing and my stimulus payment depositing to that account and the day and time it was recieved after several more phone calls back and forth from green dot to Rush card to meta bank and seeking legal advice online I gave up submitted a trace with the IRS June 082020 having to wait almost 3 months I recieved a letter today Sep 262020 and in black and white it says that my deposit $1410.00 into the account at green dot bank and the Internal Revenue Service is not involved in refund anticipation loans the loan is a contract between the taxpayer and the lender with this said I’m submitting this complaint and have no other choice to say Im contacting a attorney and have no more patience to wait for this prepaid company to stop witholding my tax return and my stimulous relief payment sent to me Esmeralda Rodriguez to help me and my family threw these troubled times From our president of the United States President Donald Trump whom I am also considering writing along with the governor of California

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Issue me a Green Dot prepaid Visa with my income tax payment that is with them still being withheld from me and apply my 2019 Stimulous relief payment with it that they are also witholding from me I will like this situation to become a priority otherwise I'm seeking legal action to take place.

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