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Parked @ 8:20 PM , walked to door, doors were locked. Went to drive thru female stated store was closed. Asked why when store is open till 10pm. She hesitated to answer. I asked again, she said ummm, we’re closed due to cleaning. Asked for corporate ph . She said we don’t have it. Then I asked her for the store . First she said she didn’t know it. I asked for it again then she mumbled 2004. Which is the wrong store number. Drove to front of store to a parking spot to locate store (which is 3044) info online then they turned off the lobby lights but kept the back lights drive thru lights on. Store is just refusing service so they don’t have to work bc cleaning doesn’t justify not serving customers! Watched 3 other cars get turned away from drive thru but one car was accepted after honking at the window. I was about to drive off at 8:55 pm when a red truck pulled into drive thru, then drove around parked next to me. Then a female employee came out spoke to the male driver for about a minute then he drive off. Then a male employee came out the front door asking me to rollk my window down, I shook my head no then he said I can’t be here walked back into the store. I drove to the next empty parking lot to watch the scene when I realized a white 4 door car from golden chick parking lot was watching me stayed circling around where I was parked. After I drove off the white car kept it distance but followed me until I pulled into the texaco gas.station.

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Just wanted to grab dinner for family before making it home but wasn't able to cause they were being lazy.
My next order free!

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