GO2bank complaint: Refund check

on 08 November 2022 about GO2bank in category Banks

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My complaint:

My account got hacked somehow. And they changed the email phone number and card pin. I called customer service the first time on Oct 7th. They said my only option would be to close my account and they’d send me refund check. But I had to email them front and back bof I’d and card and proof of address. So I did. And when I called again to find out if the check has been sent yet they told me they never got my email. So they made another reference number and told me do it again. And been getting the same results every other day for over month now. I have sent the email. Bout 50 times now and they said theirs nothing else they can do and their no other way. I have to send it to that email So I’m getting real frustrated. Bout my money. I really need help .
Thanks Anthony Weathers

Suggested solution:

I offered to open a new account with new card but they said they can't transfer it the accounts locked but I was one to lock it . Or they could change the pin to card for me. But the said they can't do that.

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