Go Local Extra complaint: Abusive, accusations

on 14 May 2023 about Go Local Extra in category Supermarkets / Grocery Stores

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My complaint:

Daughter who has ADHD and o.d.d went into the shop today 11.03.2023 and was accused she has stolen and told banned. She was later stopped by some people we know and was told the man in the shop has been showing video of her to everyone. We found out and went to speak to him with my daughter, to which he said you are banned thief. I asked why and to show me proof. He showed me video and it shows she did nothing wrong, he told me to ring police as he has reported it, I did and police came. Police agreed nothing was in her hand. The man in the shop is still in denying he called her a thief, banned, even though he said it in front of me and get dad. His attitude was atrocious and I had a few words to as he didn’t help the matter. He has showed the green way shop near where I live the video too and others. This is out of order especially when proven she hasn’t done it. The police have said the same and also said there has been no report of thief too. Iam really shocked at how my disabled daughter has been treated and all we asked for is an apology (written one). My daughter is really distraught and has only recently been going out with her mate as she is really anxious and now this shop keeper has made it really worse. Please could you help

Suggested solution:

I would like the shop keeper to accept he is wrong by labelling my daughter a thief, showing people video, the way he spoke and dealt with her. I apologise for raising my voice to him but it's really not nice being approached by public saying he's showing videos of her etc. I would like a written apology from him to my daughter and a severe word with him please. Thankyou

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