Giant Food Stores complaint: Poor service with long delays and Service manager did not care

on 08 May 2023 about Giant Food Stores in category Supermarkets / Grocery Stores

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My complaint:

Arrived today 5/7/2023 at 4:45 pm at Giant meat counter. Took number. My number was 127 and they were on 120. Finished shopping and came back to check at 4:50 and 4:55 and then just stood at 5 pm. Still at number 120. Waited and waited. Spoke to two customers to find out if they were being helped. They were number 125 and 126 and both stated had been there for 20 and 23 minutes without service. Waited till 5:20 and still at 120. Caucasian heavy set lady at counter not helping customers (she saw the long line and just very slowly kept cutting cheese presumptively for later) and 1 person back there only working. Both customers 125 and 126 gave me their tickets and left. Prior to leaving, they said Good luck, this is the usual service. You can go to another store and get lunch meat faster. I asked if this had happened prior (new to this store as not in my residence and never really come here). They said the meat service counter people ignore and just move at snails pace till line gets shorter as people leave. I am a physician and away on conference this week so I needed the lunch meat and decided just to wait. At 5:25 pm, I made a fuss and I stated that the service was too slow and customers were leaving. We had waited now for over 45 minutes and still no service. Told they were short staffed. I said angrily, that is not an excuse, other Giant stores and other stores in general move way faster. I was told to go to another store. Now I was irate. I told them they gave horrible service. The heavy set caucasian lady called the manager. The manager came and stated that they were short staffed. He did not offer an apology or just offer to take orders. Finally, the only young man working finished. He said number 121, 22, 23, and all had left. He stated 124 and she was there. I held 125 and 126 and 127 ( my number was 127). They lost 5 customers who wanted to order. The shift manager and the two employees did not care. What horrible service? You honestly do not care about your clients. This is sad.

Suggested solution:

I want to speak to an official manager. This is rotten service and the people just dont care.

my phone 916-761-5983. Dr. Chawla

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