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Complaint from Uzzy reported on 27 March 2024 about Foot Locker

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My complaint:

My order was split into two deliveries. The first part of my order was delivered on tracking number 31515281304586. This order was delivered to a neighbor. The neighbor is claiming they do not have my parcel. Footlocker are saying, as per your TC, you can leave a parcel with a neighbor, so Footlocker are not willing to do anything.

I have ordered these goods, paid for them and not revived them, and you’re saying you can’t do anything?

It is the shippers’ responsibility that the recipient receives their order. Therefore, I need you to send the courier back to the incorrect address, retrieve my goods and deliver them to the address on the order. If not, then I would like a refund, please.

The second part of my order was shipped on tracking number 31529220341988 and was delivered to the correct address. This item did not fit and had security tags still attached.

This item was returned via UPS tracking number 1ZW7V3169190463136 (please see attached) and the item was received back into Footlocker warehouse on the 12th March. I am still waiting for a refund for this item.

The order was paid for via PayPal and I have raised this with them.

My whole experience with Footlocker has been horrendous. I did not expect to be chasing my order from a company like you.

I would like an urgent response within 7 working days. If not, I am seeking legal action.

Suggested solution:

I want my goods to be delivered to me or I want a refund

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