Complaint: Harassment of employee

on 25 March 2022 about Food Lion in category Supermarkets / Grocery Stores

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My complaint:

I just started working here Monday and I am training and Amira has been nothing but rude and disrespectful to me, he walks around everyday nit picking with me and when I go on break he goes to my cashier area and throw away my things and it’s clearly not bothering him what’s on my station, then I had a handicap lady in my line and I took her groceries out and placed them in her car as I was told is part of my job and when I get back in he has me called in the office as if I did something wrong, then I went to put an onion back and I am clearly looking at my register he is on a serious power trip and it’s ridiculous that anyone goes around belittling others to Make thereself look good , I’m training and Noone should have to deal with a bully at work and also I was cleaning my belt and my area and he comes over and grab the tissue and I was like what are you doing you see me doing this , he then began to call out what his job is and was bullying me again because he’s a Supervisor in training, he’s on a serious power trip and if he’s acting like that to an employee that’s training what is he going to act like when he gets his title, I come to work to do my job peacefully and return home , this behavior has to stop it clearly wrong and then I am not allowed to count my drawer when I come in or when I leave anyone could just take money and put it on me , this store has no structure and it needs rules and not to be ran by who’s friends with who

Suggested solution:

Ask him to stop bullying me and picking and stop his power trip and I should be able to count my drawer coming in and when I leave

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