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I was wrongfully Terminated. Joel Schecter the manger said that I was let go because I did not meet (Company Standards)

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I should be Able to get my job back and get played for all the days I missed. My name is Brian K Hicks my work number is 6677778.I worked for your Company for over a year I never even got a ( wright up) and I never missed a day of work . and I come in on my days off. Joel Schecter Retaliated Against me for tilling him that l am not going run out of the store after a shoplifters I said that is the police job not mine. I am not the only one that said something to Joel . I was at work one day .and their was a lady Dir.Manger in the store . Joel started to run out of the store after a shoplifter And the lady told Joel not to go out of the store after them. He Joel Schecter went out after them Andy way when Joel came back in the store .the Lady manger jumped right on him right in front of every one and told Joel if he wanted to be a (police officer) go be one. You are not to do that . we even have Joel on video throwing a box battery s at a customer. And fighting customers in the store and out of the shore. I told Joel that he was putting everyone in danger and some of the employees fill unsafe.then on 11142020 after I work all day Joel gave me a litter that said I no longer work their. The letter said that I no longer work their because .for not meeting company standard's.

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