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My complaint:

On Thursday, 07302020, I went to my local family dollar. The usual manager was not there; instead, a very, very rude woman followed me to the drink machine. I had walked there and it was very hot outside. I got a bottle of water from the cooler and proceeded to open it and drink from it. The woman stood there, watched me open the bottle of water and then stated that I would have to immediately pay for it or she was going to call the police on me. I told her I did not particularly favor having the police called on me so I went to the register and paid for the bottle of water; whereupon, she told me I would now have to leave the bottle of water at the register until I left the store. She in a VERY RUDE manner asked me was I planning on doing any more shopping at the store to which I replied yes, is that alright with you?. I will add that behind me in line was a young black lady. This manager was very nice to her and then turned back to me and said I should call the police on you right now. Let me say, I live in this neighborhood. I usually walk to Family Dollar and then go on to Super 1 Foods and do my grocery shopping. This woman once again stated that she was going to call the police on me. For what, I cannot presume to know. In a time of great stress and hardship for all, this woman made me feel sub-human. I usually spend about 200 dollars a month in this little store. It is store 05304 located at 741 Shreveport Barksdale Hwy in Shreveport LA. When I tried to call the store later that afternoon to verify this manager’s name, she hung up on me. I contacted my family’s attorney on Friday, 07312020 and he is urging me to press charges against family dollar. Once again, let me say; I have always loved this little store and I shop there about twice a month. I cannot believe in these horrid times that we are all forced to live in that someone can get away with such utter rudeness and OBVIOUS HATE. I am an old, white lady and I work very, very hard for my money. I need someone to hear my story and to please, please help me. I do not require preferential treatment; however, I do ask to be treated like the decent human being (and consumer) that I am. Thank you sincerely, Karen Ott.

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I would like a response to my complaint 1. I also want this manager cited for her utter rudeness. My hope is that no one else will have to endure her obvious wMyrath towards Caucasians in particular. There is no excuse for such behavior, from ANYONE TO ANYONE. I dearly love this little store and I have always enjoyed shopping there. I do not know where this woman came from or when she started. I always have gotten along with the usual manager there at this location and i have always been treated with human respect. It is a great little store, very clean and up until this point, a very nice place to shop. Now this happens. My heart is broken in a time of many, many broken hearts. Please Help.

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