Complaint: Unprofessional, Managerial Issues, Improper use of Family Dollar Items

on 21 September 2020 about Family Dollar in category Supermarkets / Grocery Stores

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My complaint:

I shopped at my local family dollar located at 188-13 Linden Blvd Saint Albans, NY. Store Number 09389. As I approached the cashier after having selected a number of items which I would not be able to carry home without the assistance of shopping bags, I was told by the male cashier that the store was out of bags. I then asked the cashier what was my alternative because I had too many items to carry by hand to my destination. He replied “I have these garbage bags but YOU have to buy this kit kat if you want a bag. I noticed there was an opened box of kit kat on the counter. I laughed and said “thats absurd, may I please have a bag. He then stated “ im serious, I bought these out of my own pocket so you will have to buy a kit kat because I need my money back” I replied “ You cannot be serious. Are you serious?” He said yes he was in fact serious. I then told him fine I will purchase the kit kat because I have no other way to carry my items but this will be reported. His response was “oh well, you can tell who you want because the manager already knows”

If this is the culture of Family Dollar, I will personally makes sure I never step foot in another store. I will be sure to let all my family and friends know what happened and make sure they spread the message on social media. In the middle of a devastating worldwide pandemic, I cannot fathom how Family Dollar could rip people off from their hard earned money after we are already in the store spending said hard earned money. I have been a customer from the beginning and I was very hurt and disappointed with the way I was treated. I hope no on else ever experiences what I went through. $1 plus tax was not too much for me but it was the principle. I can only imagine all the people that fell victim to this and may not have had the extra money to sacrifice. I am STILL in shock a week later.

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Suggested solution:

Remove these no moral having individuals and replace them with managers and cashiers that value customer service and represented the Business Objective of Family Dollar.

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