Complaint: Employee bad customer service etiquette

on 21 September 2020 about Family Dollar in category Supermarkets / Grocery Stores

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My complaint:

With the racila climate in America better treatment of customers in chains such as family dollar is warranted and expected. I feel like people are using the pandemic to be even more aggressive and dismissive of customers and people in general. I visited family dollar store 04284 in Dayton Ohio where I was purchasing items, disinfectant wipes to be one item and there was a sign posted that stated due to the pandemic that item was limited and the limit per customer was 2. I gave my son 2 bottles to purchase and I was going to purchase 2, but when I got to the counter the associate Dolly took 2 and placed them behind her and said that the limit was 2 per family and I proceeded to say that isn’t what you sign displays and if that is what it is meant to mean the sign needs to be rewritten to say that verbatim and she said well that is what it means so I purchased my items and left and came back to purchase the other 2 I initially was going to purchase along with some candy and she told me, you have exceeded your quota for the day and she refused to sell them to me. At this point it was a new sale and thr sign did not say only 2 bottles per family per day, so refusing to sale to me was in rude and in my opinion she was being racist. Not only that there was another item I was wanting to purchase and she refused to sale that item to me because she said she felt I was being rude which I wasn’t in addition to threatened to call the police on me while I had my young children with me causing them to cry and say they didn’t want to go to jail, so I left without any of my items because she refused to sale them to me as well as call the police because in my opinion I am a black woman and she wanted my children to be fearful, that behavior should not be tolerated.

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Suggested solution:

If tapes are available I request they be reviewed and that employee fired or I will take what happened to a bigger platform so people can see how some white employees in family dollar are treating black patrons. With the climate and racial tensions in America this behavior should not be tolerated or acceptable and she should be fired immediately.

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