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My city has a mask mandate which is unconstitutional has no bearing which your co. recognize it anyway and I understand why but I have several accommodations that allow me not to wear a mask with that being said my problem is in with how the employee handled the situation when I tried to explain to her why I could not wear masks she proceeded to say that she knows people who are felons also basically calling me a felon and that was the reason why I could not wear a mask which is completely inaccurate and in my opinion discriminating Against Me based on how I look this happened Saturday August 1st approximately 11:20 a.m. there’s a clause in the Mandate that says that we’re 6ft cannot be maintained which I was complying with and the fact that I am carrying a weapon on my person at all disqualifies me from the Mandate also in the fashion that it is a felony in my state to carry my weapon and conceal my face I feel like I’ve been personally attacked without warrant I have contacted my attorney and we will decide whether to pursue this further I understand your rights as a retailer that is not what I’m bringing into question the way that your employee engaged me was unacceptable in any corporate circumstances

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This could end up costing you guys a lot of money your employees are not trained properly with little guidance they are rogue this employee had a complete outer meltdown over a mask I used to work for Family Dollar so I know that the job can be stressful but the employee also must understand the limitations they are under and the fact that they are constantly representing your company the way that this employee represented your company today was unacceptable

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9 months ago - We have posted a tweet about your new complaint about Family Dollar

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Thanatos (@thanatos)
9 months ago

No one needs to know you’re carrying weapon? So, that sounds like an excuse to not a wear a mask.

I know folks with asthma have trouble wearing them, but if your concern is because you can’t wear face coverings while carrying a concealed weapon, then that’s an excuse. No one needs to know you’re carrying a weapon unless you use it as a excuse to a store clerk who tells you to put a mask on while shopping in the store…