Complaint: Rude and ignorant customer service

on 22 January 2021 about Family Dollar in category Supermarkets / Grocery Stores

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My complaint:

You have this huge gay man who works there he act really disrespectful. Not only to the customers but to his co-workers as well. He might can snap his fingers in through his hands around with his friends but eventually he will run into the wrong one. Everybody is not his friend. He need to be retrained, be fired let go. The languages he use is unnecessary. His option on politics he can keep to himself. The store is a mess. You have to watch your items get ring up because if it’s on clearance or on sale it never rings up right in you have to prove to them what is the correct amount if you don’t catch it they don’t care. Store 09103

Suggested solution:

He need to be retrained to act professional he’s rude to everyone you hear him disputing with his on co-workers. Since he quoted that job want make him or brake him. Release him he claim to be a manager but he act like a toddler with a big prejudice attitude. Fire him

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