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on 31 July 2020 about Family Dollar in category Supermarkets / Grocery Stores

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I just needed milk. I walked in there not only is a cashier not wearing a facemask, customers in the store are not wearing face mask and there was a gentleman, a very loud gentleman in the front of store talking to the cashier without any mask whatsoever.
He kept coming up to the register each time a person went to the register to pay for there items and then when you ask him to step back The man states, I’m not going to spit on you don’t you worry I’m not going to steal your stuff either. The cashier looked a little scared to say anything. I got worried as i stated i work with the elders in the area. The man stated if your going get the virus your going get it. He then stated he is not worried about it. It is fake any way. Then he got angry and stated he spit on any thing he felt like. I left but felt very bad for the young man behind the counter. But he also was not wearing a mask and their were 3 people in the store also not wearing a mask. It is the LAW.

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Have your company enforce all to wear mask in the store..... I will file a formal complaint with the Government office if i see this again.

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