Complaint: keeping deadly information.back from the public.knowing it can cause harm then and of the store manager had the signs of the coranavirus.before going to the doctor getting the comfimation.results.she had it.

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why the deadly information.about the store manager named Bethany.who had signs and symptoms.before doctor test results.said she had it and got it.coronavirus .still not being showed by your company.district manager on whom knew it,before letting her go do to the facts.from her and the doctor.his name is harry susman.district manager.whom help tried to keep it from not being told by others,and not telling from his,dumb ass everybody.through make people aware and beware.damn shame.

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you lows downs.idiots.figure it out.not only mines.and for others to come me.they coming.when they hear it from the same mouths who made me aware of,and for the should got the same care for as the one who did not deserve to been kept their,while being sick,bethany.until the doctor .agreed with her.and co it.she had then.before going to the doctor.let the world know.period

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10 months ago - We have posted a tweet about your new complaint about Family Dollar

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