Complaint: Employee chasing customers away 30 to 40 mins before close

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Me my friend Leasa, my 5 yo Rylan walked in the door right at 9:19 pm or 9:21 pm Monday night (dec.14th) I knew they closed at 10:00pm and I only had $40 on me so I was planning on a buying alot but when we walked in the door he made it clear if we weren’t at the register in a few minutes we wouldn’t get to check out would have to come back the next day to make our I asked him just to be sure what time they closed he didn’t say a time he just said real soon and kept going on on about he can’t get over time his manager told him to lock the doors so he didn’t get overtime I told him that’s not our concern I just got off work at 8:30 needed dinner for my son the store hours are til 10 and I’ll make sure I’m ready to check out in plenty of time for him to lock up before 10pm he proceeded to tell me he’s already not following prodecall because his drawer is wide open with money in it while he’s at the other register waiting on us to check out he cussed us out with the F word he also was wearing a mask for covid 19 with a big marijuana leaf on it he was very rude to us and another lady that came in around the same time he told me he will have me permently banned from the store but also this isn’t the 1st time he tried closing early when stores started closing early he was trying to close about an hour early on us one night when covid had us all running out of everything he was mean and cussed us then ..and I wasn’t gonna make a complaint but when he did it for the 2nd time and was cussing in front of my 5 yo son.

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Suggested solution:

I'm not sure but maybe have more that one worker closing

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