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I went to this store to purchase some rubbing alcohol as soon bad I walked in I made the cashier aware I had a bag and placed it behind the counter. (Before I pulled up my Mask). This was inadvertent. When someone behind the informed me that I needed to pull up my Mask, I stated ok just a second. The Manager proceeded to lecture me about this I complied but expressed displeasure about the lecture and lack of patience to allow me to. A young man came from the rear of the store and he proceeded to attempt to lecture me as well. I pointed out to him that his mask was not firmly in place that his nose was uncovered will he was trying to lecture me about mine. At some point I complied and attempted to walk away and find some rubbing alcohol he followed behind me and got up in front of my face and basically threatened me when he raised the tail of his shirt to reveal to me that he had a gun. I told him that where I’m from you don’t show a gun to somebody unless you going to use it and I told him that I was 62 years old and I’d appreciate it if he spoke to me with more respect. He replied that he didn’t care how old I was. I decided to leave the store and he followed me out and continued to harass me also the manager came out and joined in this. Despite the fact I was no longer in the store. They both continued to spout curse words towards me while I unlocked my bike. I responded in kind, but cordially said goodbye to one employee who had been civil the whole time.

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I believe that these times are taking their toll on us all. All of us are under unimaginable stresses. However essential these employees are. What is even more essential is the necessary patience these essential workers have to have with customers who come there to buy goods spend their money that is mostly in short supply. I do not wish for anyone to lose their employment about this but I do believe that it is inappropriate for an employee to raise up a shirt tail and show me his gun because I didn't put my mask on as fast as they wanted me to. Nor do I think the managers declaration that I was banned from the store should stand.

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