Complaint: Covid-19 issues with employer

on 16 May 2020 about Family Dollar in category Supermarkets / Grocery Stores

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managers at the store family Dollar is telling my niece, not to tell the employees that a lady was tested positive and if she tell it’s that she will lose her job she’s afraid she’s crying and thinking that she will lose her job she was tested her temperature was 100 and family dollar was going to make her come in and she told them that if her family catch this covid-19 she was going to get a lawyer and sue them and that’s when they called her before coming into work today this morning not to come in and stay at home and they also told her that she will not get paid for the time off that she’s quarantining herself

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Let the employees know that somebody has been tested positive and they need to be aware that there\'s somebody has been tested positive with covid and they said that she will not get paid my niece will not get paid somebody needs to look into this this company this Family Dollar on 1810 K Avenue in Plano Texas is treating their employees this way. It\'s not right and people or still dieing of this Covid-19.

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V Mc
V Mc (@guest_894)
11 months ago

This is not right. This is how family dollar treat their employees. Is a person life more important then money??? If I catch Covon19 from there neglecte I’m going to sue the company. They also work there mangers without paying them. They get paid for there normal hours and anything after that they don’t get paid.