Family Dollar complaint: Bad customer service

Complaint from MCKTheGreat reported on 03 March 2024 about Family Dollar

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My complaint:

I walked into this family dollar to return a item with the original receipt at this family dollar, they refused saying they couldn’t return or exchange without the original receipt which I did have. When I stood up to her and told she was incorrect she tried to argue with me, over a rule she was breaking, and wouldn’t stop lieing. When she told me I wasn’t at the right store I didn’t notice until not for sure if he was security or an employee pointed that out to me, I eventually gave up on the return, and decided to go to the right one, but not before I stood up for what is right about the return policy there which is all I was doing in the first place, but the girl that was the manager tried to turn it to a argument and fight over that when that was not my intention.

Then a older black gentlemen came out not sure if he was security or an employee, and started to follow me around the store threatening me, and harassing me after I gave up on the return when he showed me the misunderstanding about being in the wrong store which I already had accepted when he showed me. The manager misunderstood what I was trying to to say which was if I have a original receipt to return a item for return and exchange that you can in the right store which that one wasn’t which I understood. I have a witness that saw all this while it was happening.

So instead of just dropping the whole thing about the return he threatened to put hands on me, cuss me out, because he didn’t agree to what I was saying. I already accepted that it was the wrong store and gave up on it. I refused to leave cause I wanted to use my OTC card to buy some stuff, he tried to lie and say they don’t take it, which I looked it up and they do. I proceeded to do that, and he told me to get the fuck out, I refused cause I felt if nothing else I can at least pick up some drinks and snacks with OTC card. He tried to fight me, threaten me, and block my every way to do my business in a peaceful manner and then leave, because I was going to look through the iles for what I needed to pick with my OTC card, but couldn’t cause he was blocking my way from doing that, which was unnecessary witnessed by my friend in the store at the time that he did that, and said that.

Then the other customers tried to join in on the disagreement and fight he was trying to do to me and justify it, and I shut them down and told them it doesn’t involve them so mind there business, they still proceeded to harass me cause he was he’s uncle, and scolded me for standing up to him for what is right and they didn’t like it, but that’s just the way I am when he ain’t going to follow the rules. By the the whole store was against wanting fight and argue with to the point the manager called the police and lied to them to get me off the property.

I ended up leaving cause all of them were refusing to let me do my business in a peaceful matter, cause of that misunderstanding. They is no excuse for this descrimatory action they did to me in this store, and I feel they should be reprimanded, and that black guy fired for crossing the line, when he shouldn’t have and replaced with someone tht will respect the rights of the customers and not be so descrimatory and rude.

The manager should be reprimanded for starting a fight over a misunderstanding, cause what happened to me should never had happened and if they would have resolved in a peaceful manner, I would have done my business in there and left. Right now I want to remain anonymous due to the situation, and I don’t want them to retaliate against me for their wrong doing, but I’ll at least leave my phone number if there’s any questions needing to be answer.

Suggested solution:

Reprimand the employee, and fire the one who threatened me and harassed me, and intimating methods to get me to leave, when I wasn\'t doing nothing but standing up for what is right

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