Family Dollar complaint: Slander/humiliated

Complaint from vsullivan reported on 06 March 2024 about Family Dollar

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My complaint:

As I entered the store the radio was extremely loud, I proceeded to grab the things I needed, the cashier yelled at the worker as they were busy stocking the merchandise, the worker replied “what?”, the worker stopped at came to the front., I said maybe turn that radio down you may hear… as I got up to the register the cashier kept glaring at me , as I stayed looking straight at her., I paid for my things, and I told the cashier that when I leave I am going to get on their page and make a comment. (there were a couple more customers in line behind me.) I proceed with my day to only have the parent of the worker call me and tell me that the cashier made a humiliating comment about me… she told the other worker in front of the other customers that “SHE SAID SHE WAS GOING OUTSIDE TO GO SMOKE CRACK!!!”
I want something done to this young girl…. this is my hometown. Where I was raised..😪😪….. if I don’t get satisfaction through this complaint. I WILL GO TO AN ATTORNEY AND I WILL BE COMPENSATED FOR THIS … along with the attorney fees!!! This can not continue!!
I shop at this store 5-6-7 times a week… I know I have a strong case against this company… I have already filed a complaint yesterday on the family dollar complaint page…. if I don’t hear from someone and this girl be held accountable for her actions…. I will be in my attorneys office first thing Friday morning… then it will be too late for family dollar to handle it themselves…. and I will no longer shop in this family dollar or any other family dollar…. thank you , Virginia Sullivan
p.s… the restroom IS HORRIBLE… no toilet paper , no paper towels the floor is just nasty!!! I have only been in the restroom two times, the second time I went in there just to see if it was just a mishap and wasn’t cleaned that particular day… but that wasn’t the case.

Suggested solution:

I want an apology letter from the store and the cashier to be removed from the register or fired would be even better...

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