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Today is 112620 and at approximately 8;30 the store manager. A bigtall black male manger approached as I was asking a question. We went back and forth and then went to the coupon. We went to the coupon and discovered it was the wrong brand. I was wrong in not reading and seeing it was a different brand. However the aggressive manager, who is very condescending continued to speak in a manner that was upsetting. He speaks to people as if they are nothing. Staff included. I heard him badgering a employee as you would a child before my encounter. Anyway, The coupon expired 5 days ago and should have been removed in totality. I say all of that to say the very aggressive manager continued to be very condescending and angered even more. I cursed and then apologized. Yet and still. I am a respected resident of this community for more than 10 years. Since he has been there. I have had many encounters with this nasty person. Just because I live here do not mean my quality of life is low. I do not appreciate ever being treated with such disrespect. I left and when I came back to ask him his name and location information he told me it’s 867 and his name wasn’t important and to have a good day. Because I already left and came back I was now picking trouble. See as a highly educated woman I understand my right and the ability to come a thousands time if I want to. And I have the right to ask a manager of a store his name. He refused and walked away.

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He needs to be relocated. I get this is not the best neighborhood. However, everyone should NEVER be treated the same. I am a woman period and he’s rude. What if I was you mom, sister, daugther. Would you want to be treated as such??? This does not abide by your store policy and should be addressed as such ASAP.

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