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on 26 November 2020 about Family Dollar in category Supermarkets / Grocery Stores

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My complaint:

I went to family dollar store months ago. I let the manager know that her cigarettes where stale. The managers co worker at the time butted in and acted very aggressive as I was talking to the manager. The coworker was yelling at me for no reason. Keep in mind I was talking to the manager. I spoke with the district manager that seemed to not even care about my complaint. I say this, because 11262020 I got off of worked and stoped by the family dollar store. I got out of the van walked to the door and that aggressive now assistant manager jumped and my face and told me I couldn’t come in the store.which I didn’t understand, because I had just been in there buying a snack last week. This is all on camera. I never made it into the store, because the aggressive assistant manager jumped in my face and told me I was not allowed in the store. Keep in mind I was just in the store I believe last week. So after the assistant manager told me I couldn’t come in the store she told me she was calling the cops on me. So I waited! She filed a ( ntp) on me and she was wrong the first time and today. The first time I told her she was racist and she told me her husband was black. That doesn’t mean anything. How many white men sleep with black woman and treated the black men like bad. I’m going to file a discrimination lawsuit against family dollar. This isn’t rite. I did nothing wrong. It’s funny, no black people go to that store, because of this manager and assistant that seem to be ok with how they treat black people. It also seem the district manager doesn’t care. This could of got real ugly if , I wasn’t coming from work.

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I don’t feel that any customer should be treated the way that me and other black people have been treated at that store. I don’t feel that the manager or the assistant manager or the district lady need position like that. I work in that neighborhood and even the white people I’m good friends with knows the manager and assistant manger treat the few black people like crap when they come in that store. Ps, there’s nothing but rich white people that live there and they don’t like the store, because you can’t even use the bathroom. Y’all need to look at the camera on 112620. Assistance and manager and coworkers all outside smoking.

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