Evri complaint: Parcel Collected But Not Shipped

Complaint from phillmj reported on 31 March 2024 about Evri

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My complaint:

I paid for Evri International to pickup a parcel from my house and ship it to Hong Kong.

The courier picked up the package and left a receipt, which I have in my possession.

A week later, Evri International website states the package is still Waiting for Confirmation from the Courier.

The courier picked it up a week ago.

Trying to get help from Evri has been a nightmare. Since the package is waiting for ation from the courier, apparently they have no record of it when I call or try to use their chat. The telephone system hangs up on me and the chat ends the chat, in each case urging me to contact them again if I should have further issues!

This is absolutely reprehensible. I paid for a service, and the company has not provided it. I can’t get ANY support from them, and I don’t know what’s happening now with my package. For all intents and purposes, it’s probably lost or stolen by the courier. But I have no way of knowing, and ZERO SUPPORT from the company I paid to ship it.

Suggested solution:

I need to know where the package is, after a whole week, and they are claiming they are waiting for ation from the courier who picked it up a week ago.

I would like a HUMAN BEING to contact me to resolve this!

Evri complaint Parcel Collected But Not Shipped
Evri complaint Parcel Collected But Not Shipped
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