Evri complaint: Missing Parcel

Complaint from Gaga51 reported on 14 May 2024 about Evri

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My complaint:

I ordered good from Wilco.com on 3rd May 2024, I had an email from EVRI on 6th May saying they had the parcel, Wilco.com gave me a delivery date of 8th May, no parcel arrived then I got a delivery date of 13th May and no parcel came to my house, I have been in touch with Wilco and also EVRI who can’t find the parcel, I’m waiting for information back from both companies and I’m very angry about all this waiting and lack of communication, meanwhile I can’t go out and get what I want (which the parcel contains) from local shops, at this moment in time I’m not sure I want anything to do with EVRI or Wilco anytime soon!

Suggested solution:

Communicate with me, tell me what is happening, being as they don't have a phone number I can ring!

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