Evri complaint: High value items taken out and swapped for something else by courier.

Complaint from Ahadj.7 reported on 10 March 2024 about Evri

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My complaint:

My order arrived from footasylum on the 23rd of February. Footasylym sent it out through Amazon delivery and it had arrived with everything inside that I ordered. On the same day I had decided to return the full order back to Footasylum. I had chosen to return it through evri at my local evri store. The order had been received at the Footasylum warehouse on the 27th of February, I could see this through the tracking provided when I had sent it out. However, on the 2nd of March I had received a footasylym parcel back to my home and the parcel looked exactly the same as the one I had sent back to footasylym (it had the same label I printed out on the parcel) I had opened the parcel and had seen that there were 3 boohooman dresses inside. I immediately contacted footasylum through live chat the same day and they told me that they had received the order the same way I did, with the three dresses inside. They could not take actions further as they received the wrong parcel the same way I did on the 2nd of March. This means that one of your couriers opened my parcel and put three dresses from someone elses order inside and had taken everything in my order out. This would have happened somewhere from the 23rd of February to the 27th. The order was worth £740 and now I have been chasing this parcel and trying to get into contact with someone from your side about this since then.

The parcel that I received was drastically different in size then the one I had sent out. The one I sent out had a box of shoes inside along with three full tracksuits which was obviously much bulkier and wider then the one with three dresses from boohooman. I have been put through so much to the point where I have gone to my local store where I dropped the parcel off at and have asked them to provide me with cctv footage of me dropping off my much bulkier parcel off on the 23rd of february. I can provide this footage after i have been given a response.

Suggested solution:

By getting in contact with me through the numerous emails and calls i have attempted.

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