Evri complaint: H02V3A4054746207

Complaint from Luminita Cotuna reported on 04 June 2024 about Evri

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My complaint:

Hello, I’ve been waiting for my package for a month, I received a pizza from the flash, no one called the apartment, the package was not delivered, I try to call, the robot comes in, I have an open case, I did not receive an answer, with who should I talk to in order to get possession of the package,,
this is not possible, it says in my tracking that the package was delivered at night at 23:59, it’s a joke,
in the picture below, it says on May 29 that it is waiting, and on May 30 you write to me that it has been delivered???? where???

Suggested solution:

no yet,

Evri complaint H02V3A4054746207
Evri complaint H02V3A4054746207
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