Evri complaint: Failure in basic customer service

Complaint from Athorn reported on 30 April 2024 about Evri

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My complaint:

I have tried to order a product through Amazon. The product was sold by a 3rd party seller who have used Evri for the courier service, and I could not be more disappointed with Evri’s complete inability to deliver both the parcel, and when chased up about it, their basic customer service is dealing with it.

I have called Evri 4 times now trying to find out what is happening with my parcel, and every time I do, I request either a call back or email response from them. I have not received either from any time I requested it. Evri have not contacted me once throughout this entire ordeal and it is absolutely disgusting that a company can blatantly ignore someone they should be helping just so they do not have to deal with them.

As of now, they are stating that they have handed the parcel directly to me, an impossible result as I was 20 miles away from the delivery address at the time they note.

I have contacted the 3rd party seller to ask them to chase Evri for me as well, since it not only looks bad on Evri for failing to deliver, but also them as they hired Evri do deliver this item.

I will be raising further complaints until this has been dealt with and I speak to someone at Evri.

Suggested solution:

Evri need to contact me, as they should have 4 times already, so that they can actually either deliver my parcel, or return the parcel and notify me so I can order from somewhere else.
They should compensate the 3rd party seller due to loss of sales for failures in practice.

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