Ethiopian Airlines complaint: Miss Ayanda Majola

on 21 September 2022 about Ethiopian Airlines in category Airlines

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My complaint:

Me Ayanda Majola was denied boarding at OR Tambo Airport in Johannesburg on 19 June 2022 though having a valid visa of Schengen.I suffered a lot of anxiety and a lot of stress due to inhuman treatment by ticket officers of Ethiopian Airlines at the check in counter.
I was so much interrogated by them for no apparent reason.
First they demanded a vaccinification certificate for Covid -19 which I provided
Secondly I was asked the purpose of my travel which I explained to them as a sponsored Vacation by the host being my childhood friend but residing in Sweden.I showed them all Invitation letters and the host profile,income and ID S Including their proof of residence as she is married by a Swedish resident.They asked for my cell phone which I provided and went through my messages with correspondence to my host.To add salt to injury they even opened my private messages that had nothing to with my travelling and became their laughstock as they were showing each other my private messages.This ordeal took about 15 minutes as the three of your personnel read my messages which is tantamount to infringement of my privacy
Finally they insisted that I was going to look for a job ,something which had nothing to do with Check in counter personnel.In this regard I was denied a Boarding Pass by ground staff in charge.
I found this strange as they interrogated me as if they were Swedish Immigrant Officers.

My question is this-Is their personnel have the authority to act as Immigrant Officers on behalf of the destination of the particular country?
Do they have authority to deny a client a Boarding Pass though it has been paid in full and the client being on time?
I have been engaging with their Ticket personnel verbally on my return even overseas and taking all my details and being promised to get an answer within 24 hours but all in vain.
When they denied me a Boarding Pass on the 19 June 2022 I resorted to Qatar Airline on the 20June2022 which I had no problem and not given the humiliating treatment as the Ethiopian Personnel gave me at the Check in counter,

Suggested solution:

Just to refund me as I paid in cash as it was their negligence to refuse me a boarding pass

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