eHarmony complaint: Eharmony Auto-Renew process

on 21 October 2022 about eHarmony in category Dating

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My complaint:

I cancelled my subscription prior to renewing. They are now trying to get 1 year subscription from me saying I did not cancel in time despite the fact that they themselves acknowledged that payments were declined. Meaning I cancelled payment to my subscription. Now they are refusing to talk and saying there is no more action that can be taken. This is not right, needs to be addressed and more people should know of this egregious behavior.

Suggested solution:

Cancel my account with a zero balance as I do not nor did not want a renewal.
I had paid previously honored the use of my subscription in the past.
This means no further financial obligation to EHARMONY in any way by myself. Their auto-renew policy should be updated and customer services should have an escalation process that is consumer friendly not dictator like.

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