eHarmony complaint: automatic annual renewal and unauthorised payment taken following cancellation

on 06 October 2022 about eHarmony in category Dating

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My complaint:

I signed up for eHarmony dating app in March 2022, for 6 months membership (offer of 3x £31 payments).

After initial six months, without my knowledge eHarmony automatically renewed my membership FOR A YEAR, taking a payment of £95.50 in September 2022.
After that payment was taken, I immediately cancelled my membership. To my surprise, 4 weeks later (October 2022), second payment of £95.50 was taken out of my account.

I have not signed up for additional, year long membership, do not wish to use eHarmony app and want them to stop taking payments from my account and reimburse me.

I have emailed and submitted a query but looking at reviews this happens to be an occurring issue with the site.

How do I completely cancel this and stop them taking the money out of my account?? Will they try charging me till Sept 2023…as that’s for how long they renewed my subscription for?

Please help and investigate this complaint as their customer service is non-existent and they should not get away with treating customers this way.

Thank you

Suggested solution:

- Cancelling the automatic subscription, they extended till 2023 without my agreement
- Honor my cancellation of subscription done in Sept 2022
- Reimbursing the money taken out of my account.

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