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on 06 July 2022 about eDreams in category Travel

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My complaint:

On 10622 I made an online booking for hotel and flight with eDreams. However, 5 minutes after ation (Reference:9545793927) I cancelled because the baggage allowance was different (showing only hand luggage) and on the right of the screen it said Free Cancellation for 8hrs over the photos.
The next day I received an email saying the cancellation was non-refundable, so I attempted to anul the cancellation in order to use the flight anyway as I had paid for it.
The next day I received another ation of the flight hotel reservation, so assumed it was still active and the following day notification of boarding passes and check-in scheduled in 8 days.
Also an invoice dated 10-06-22 for the money paid.
On the 23-06-22 we went to the airport to check-in for our flights to Venice with SWISS and were told we had no tickets.
We returned home and booked flights with another operator for the next day so as not to lose the hotel reservation as we had telephoned the hotel to check that the hotel was still reserved for us.
Clicking the Cancellation when it said Free Cancellation for 8hrs cost 730 euros and then later we received ation of the flights leading us to believe we could still take the flights.
We tried to resolve the problems by speaking to the robot on their APP and even telephoning a contact number, but a complete waste of time and money.

Suggested solution:

Considering the confusion and stress and the loss of 730euros for the flights, the loss of one night in the hotel, taxi to the airport and phone calls I think the least they could do is refund the cost of the flights 730euros.

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