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on 01 August 2022 about eDreams in category Travel

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My complaint:

i discussed several times with edreams, but my problem is still not solved. The issue is that I broke my ankle at the end of June and I had to postpone the trip to Italy from August, because the recover period is about 2 months. Even I bought a flexible option, edreams said that they cannot change the August dates, but I need to do a new reservation within 60 days limit and they will refund me with the lowest fare between the initial reservation and the second one. I did the second reservation and, of course, I paid it. The first reservation – from August – was done with a credit card which expired, therefore for the new reservation I used another credit card. Edreams told me that’s fine, after I do the second reservation to call in call center and give the new bank details for the refund of the lowest fare. Which I did, but when I called back with this reason, they told me that is not possible anymore and that I need to fill in a ticket online on their website to request this refund. Which I did on July 7th and since then I don’t have any clear response or action taken. Only emails from time to time that they are working to solve my request..

Suggested solution:

Edreams should reimburse immediately the lowest fare between the tickets I bought based on the flexible option that I chosen specially to avoid this type of issues, but it seems that was in vain..

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