eBay complaint: A supposedly eBay finance support agent

on 12 November 2022 about eBay in category Retail Company

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My complaint:

On Thursday November 10 2022 i contacted eBay regarding an issue about an item I needed to be refunded and A supposedly eBay finance support agent name George Walker (I doubt that’s his name) stole money from my debit card claiming he was going to help me obtain my refund. He stole the following amount $245.00, $197.00, $497.67, $345.99. I was able to stop the transaction on 3 of them but not one. That particular one I’m fighting for in order to get my funds. It is a shame that eBay own staff would do such things to customers like me that trusted this company to make most of our purchase needs. I lost trust in this company or any other company for this matter.

Suggested solution:

Investigate who is doing this and hold them accountable for their actions

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